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The core skills that everyone should know.

Following several market-leading research, we are dedicated to creating courses that are focused on empowering lifelong learners, everywhere.


As work becomes more collaborative and global, the ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, and work in teams is becoming increasingly important.


In a rapidly changing and complex work environment, Cognitive skills are essential for solving problems, innovating, and adapting to new challenges.

Digital Literacy

With technology adoption rates rapidly increasing like never before, having the skills to understand and use digital tools effectively and efficiently is becoming crucial for many job fields.


Self-leadership skills are crucial for the workforce of the future as they can help individuals take charge of their own career development, set and achieve personal goals, and manage stress and uncertainty.

As simple as 1,2,3...

How does it work?

No more generic, unrelated courses. Lea helps you optimise your learning experience for impact!

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Conduct a personal assessment test

Answering a short assessment can help us personalise your learning experience so that it fits your profession, skills, and ambitions.

Choose a course to learn from

We created a set of high-quality courses that fit the needs of most white-collar employees.

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Start your personalised learning journey!

Based on your personal assessment test, all of our courses will dynamically adjust to your learning preferences.

The science behind.

Why Personalization works!

Tailoring the learning experience to your needs and profile significantly increases your ability to...

the learning objectives and interact with examples that are related to your daily life.
through spaced repetition that is tailored to your schedule, studying goals, and habits.
by learning action-oriented lessons, that cuts the fluff out and focus on impact!
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What are people saying about Lea?

“Personalisation is so important”

I'm very happy that there is a company looking into this, the personalisation aspect of learning is so important for getting people excited about learning new things.

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Sandy Spørck
Senior Project Manager

“Learning and development is a must”

Learning and development is a must-have but employees don't have a lot of time. That's why Micro-learning is great to promote lifelong learning in a more accessible way.

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Eva Rampazzo
Head of Product Governance

“This app has pleasantly surprised me”

This app has surprised me with its engaging and easy-to-use interface. The micro-learning format allows me to fit the courses into my schedule and the content feels personalised been relevant to my job.

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Sandro Abdel Hafith
Senior Energy Engineer
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